At CYT, students are afforded the opportunities to grow in areas like confidence both on and off the stage.  Why wouldn’t we use that as a springboard to give them life skills that will serve and protect them within our walls and as they leave us?  That is where Kidpower comes in. We have created and produced weekly videos for students and training videos for leaders to help facilitate "people safety" skills at CYT. 
With the help of partners in the Christian camp space, we have developed a system of assessing all venues that CYT Branches use for programming for vulnerabilities or threats to the safety of our CYT communities. 
Protect my ministry is faith-based consumer reporting agency that we have partnered with to conduct all background checks and child abuse awareness training for CYT employees, contractors, board members, and volunteers.  All adults at CYT need to go through this process along with signing the appropriate commitment to character document (employee or volunteer) in order to participate with CYT.  T
CYT National is now hosting a National Reporting Hotline that you can make public and available to all local participants.  In the event that someone felt uncomfortable reporting through a confidential safe box or directly to leadership, they can enter their report anonymously through this hotline. Once we receive a report, CYT National has a multi-level accountability process in place to investigate and document any report.  We also manually enter into the system any reports we get personally through email or phone calls as a way to keep record.  

This hotline matters because it communicates that we want to know and care for all that come into contact with CYT.  Please use this verbiage when sharing the hotline on your webite:

A toll-free telephone number (1-855-222-0283) and website have been set up for any local CYT participants, volunteers, or employees to report concerns. This confidential number and website is staffed by a third-party firm and will report any concerns to the CYT Inc Staff and Board of Directors.

The National Child Abuse Hotline (1-800-4-A-CHILD) is dedicated to the prevention of child abuse.  The hotline offers crisis intervention, information, and referrals to thousands of emergency, social service, and support resources. All calls, texts, and chats are confidential.