CYT Internship Program

The CYT Internship Program is a competitive program seeking to develop our young leaders through intentional discipleship in the area of theater leadership that best suits their gifts, talents, and abilities. In this one-session internship, you will be assigned to a director in you field of choice and instructed one-on-one by that director. You will also meet with the other interns and the internship leader once a week for a spiritual leadership training course. After the session you will have gained invaluable skills, been given opportunities to grow in your field of choice, and, hopefully, gained a deeper relationship with the Lord.

To be considered for this internship, you must have participated in at least one CYT production, be no longer be eligible due to having aged out, but still be interested in being a part of CYT. Interns will be selected through an in depth application and interview process.

Fields of Internship include: Directing, Choreography, Vocal Directing, Stage Management, Set Design, Costume Design


Mission Statement
To develop a new generation of young, Christ-like leaders.

Values and Objectives
We exist to make a difference in our community by uniting, mentoring, and serving others inside and outside of CYT, at all times reflecting Judeo-Christian values

HYPE, which stands for High School Youth Pursuing Excellence, is the leadership group at CYT designed to give high school students opportunities for service, mentorship, and leadership. The group plans social events, fundraisers, and service projects for CYT and the community. 

Beyond performing these basic functions, HYPE students are mentored themselves and trained in leadership by their Adviser(s) who challenges them to grow in excellence in their own lives. HYPE members agree to be role models and hold themselves to a higher standard at CYT by mentoring younger/new students, encouraging others at CYT to pursue excellent lives, and being available to serve and help the adults at CYT. They also help to bring CYT’s values to the community through their involvement and service with various community organizations.

2020-2021 HYPE Members:
President: Brianna Campbell
Vice President: Jason Couchman
Secretary: Desi Tinkess
Treasurer: August Jonker
Ministers of Ministry:  
Ministers of Philanthropy & Service:  Michael Navarro
Public Relations: Oleska Hryciw
Socials Committee: 
Fundraising Committee: 


CYT@school is devoted to introducing performing arts to children, one school at a time, by providing a high-quality experience that is educational and enjoyable.

Many schools have had to cut their arts programs so CYT@school is dedicated to bringing to your school a low-cost, after school program developed to support the performing arts training in public and private schools. Research has shown that performing arts helps students gain confidence, build leadership skills and develop a sense of community. CYT wants to ensure that students everywhere have an opportunity to experience theater arts.

Our program consists of 8 weeks of drama, voice, and dance which offer sound theater art instruction while also building character. All participating students will perform in an end-of-session showcase that is literature based while still being very popular with students. Our teachers are enthusiastic, fun, positive role models who lead and inspire.

Showcase options include favorites such as Aladdin, The Jungle Book, Lion King, Peter Pan, and more!

Improv Team Players

The CYT Santa Cruz Improv Team Players is a group of advanced improv students who are training to compete at the National CYT Expo June 2023! They rehearse weekly as well as perform in shows throughout the year. Be on the look out in the Monthly Newsletter for upcoming shows!

If you would like to book the Improv Team for a show or are interested in being a financial sponsor, you can email us.