Classes coming this Fall!

CYT Classes ensure that your students consistently improve a performers skills in all disciplines. Here at CYT Santa Cruz we produced classes with a high level of intentionality and excellence. Classes are available for students of any level of experience, with offerings ranging from drama, dance, voice, and improv, to specialty classes like makeup design, puppetry, and more. 

Two Class windows will be offered at Midtown Community Church on Tuesday evenings (4:30-6:30 PM & 6:30-8:30 PM). Please contact us (slide to bottom of page) if you have scheduling concerns.

CYT COVID 19 Update

Welcome back to CYT Santa Cruz, we look forward to sharing our 2023-24 Season with each one of you. We will continue to protect the health and safety of every participant as we operate under the current CYT National guidance. Because we are an after-school enrichment program and not an accredited school nor a licensed child-care facility there is no specific guidance that fits our program precisely. Therefore, we have been advised to follow the HQ Guidance.  

We have designed our sessions to have large classrooms, outdoor areas, and/or larger spaces to allow more room for physical distancing, we continue using enhanced cleaning and sanitation measures, among other modifications designed with your safety in mind. We will respond to any changes in the guidelines as it becomes necessary. Current guidance for Covid illness is found here.


A CYT Teacher’s mission is to train and instruct students in such a way as to promote the development of character, self-esteem, and confidence. CYT teachers are qualified and experienced in the area in which they teach. They have been trained in the CYT methods of instruction and agree with the CYT values and outcome goals.  All CYT teachers have been background checked and adhere to our CYT Mission and Values. Our teachers truly care about their students and provide a constructive and fun environment for them to learn.


Parents, friends, and relatives are invited to attend CYT's Showcase performance on the last day / evening of classes, free of charge! Showcase is the grand finale of each session of classes, at which every class makes a 5-10 minute presentation of something they have learned and rehearsed during the session. Don't miss the action!

How to Register

Set up a Family Account before you register for classes:
  1. Click on the "person" icon at top right corner of our website (to right of "DONATE" on any page).
  2. Click on "NEW ACCOUNT" in the pop up window.
  3. Fill out the information required, with the parent's info first.
  4. To add a child to the account, click on the +Family Member button.
If you are already have a Family Account, then (while logged in) follow these steps:
  1. Go to the "Classes" page
  2. First select your "Student's Age"
  3. Click on the Class Name of your choice
  4. Click on the "Register Now" button
  5. Select the family member that will be in the class
  6. You will now have an option to sign up for audition times. Auditions are not required.
  7. If you don't sign up now, you will have that option later in your family account

Current Teachers: