General Audition Information

At CYT, auditions are an open casting call; nothing is precast. Any student enrolled in classes who is ages 8-18 at the time of auditions is eligible to audition.

When you enroll in your class you will be sent a link to fill out the audition form and sign up for an audition time slot. Please fill out the form and submit it BEFORE your audition (as soon as possible, please!).

Each student should come prepared with a one minute song that highlights their vocal and acting abilities. Students will need to provide a backing/karaoke track - music only, no vocals. We also have an accompanist available at every audition if a student would like to bring sheet music instead. There may be a group dance audition in addition to their 1 minute audition, but no preparation is required.

Need some ideas for audition songs or just need some audition advice? Click here for more audition tips!

  • A 60-second song with musical accompaniment. Possibilities for accompaniments include:
    • Bring recording on a phone or tablet WITHOUT any backup vocals.
    • Bringing your own sheet music. We will have an accompanist available.
    • You may also sing a cappella.
  • An appropriate outfit that communicates professionalism. Be ready to have your picture taken when you check into the audition.
  • Your filled out medical release form.
  • Lots of enthusiasm and a smile!

When you arrive and sign in, you'll be given a number. As each student's number is called, the student will come in front of the directing team, introduce themselves and their song, and perform. If there is a group dance audition, the choreographer will lead the students in groups to learn and perform the dance for the directing team. If the directing team wishes to see your child for a specific role, they will receive a callback for the following day. Students that are called back will receive an email the night of auditions.

If you are unable to attend auditions, we do accept video audition submissions. Please work this out in advance with the Artistic Team.

You are welcome to sit in on your child's audition. In fact, we encourage parents to watch and cheer on their student as they audition. Callbacks, however, are closed meaning that you may not watch your child if they get a callback.

If you would like to video your child's audition, you are welcome to do that. We ask that you do not record other students without their parents approval and that auditions not be posted on social media without the approval of parents.

  • STUDENT COMMITMENT: If a student is cast in a CYT show, rehearsals are mandatory. Any conflicts with the rehearsal schedule must be listed on your audition form and may affect casting decisions.
  • REGULAR REHEARSALS: Friday 4:30pm – 8:30pm & Saturday 9am – 1pm beginning the first week after auditions and continuing through the opening of the show.
  • DRESS REHEARSALS: Dress rehearsals are scheduled 5pm – 10pm the 4 days before the show opens. NO ABSENCES permitted during dress rehearsal week, Super Saturday, or shows. Please check your personal schedule BEFORE you audition re. dress rehearsal week and show dates.
  • REGULAR CYT CLASS ATTENDANCE DURING THE SESSION: Students must attend CYT classes (no more than 2 absences are acceptable if you are cast in the show) & students must participate in the final class showcase during the session for which they are auditioning.
  • STRIKE: Students are required to attend and actively participate in Striking the set / props /venue etc. If students do not get an absence approved and do not attend they will not be eligible to audition for the next show, until they have worked off their Strike hours.

  • COMMITTEES: At least one parent of each cast member are requested to work on a volunteer show committee. Older siblings or other designated adults may substitute for parents. Each family is asked to commit to 20 hours/child in the show.
  • PARENT MEETINGS: There are 2 mandatory parent meetings scheduled that at least one parent must attend. The first parent meeting is the first Saturday of rehearsals, 9-11am. The second parent meeting will be midway through the session (specific date and time to be given by area coordinator at first parent meeting).

  • PRODUCTION FEE: There is a production fee of for each cast member, which covers most expenses (including: Costume, cast t-shirt, cast photo, and strike party for student).
  • ADDITIONAL EXPENSES: Additional expenses (if it needs to be purchased) may include a makeup kit, a storage bin for use in the greenroom during the show weeks, and footwear, tights, or dance shoes as outlined by the costumer. Often times students who have done past shows have the above-mentioned items already which is why they are not included in the production fee.
  • We believe that the casting experience is educational and can lead to growth in each cast member. The casting process is complex and taken very seriously. We encourage you to watch this video which provides a clear understanding of the process. 

Have more questions? Reach out to us on Instagram or Facebook or visit the contact us section at the bottom of our about page. 

We look forward to seeing you at auditions!