A loving send-up of the 1950s, small-town America, teenagers, and rock & roll, Bye Bye Birdie remains as fresh and vibrant as ever. Teen heartthrob Conrad Birdie has been drafted, so he chooses All-American girl Kim MacAfee for a very public farewell kiss. Featuring a tuneful high-energy score, plenty of great parts for youth, and a hilarious script, Birdie continues to thrill audiences around the world.



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  • Friday, Jul 22nd @ 7:00pm
  • Saturday, Jul 23rd @ 2:00pm
  • Saturday, Jul 23rd @ 7:00pm
  • Sunday, Jul 24th @ 12:00pm
  • Sunday, Jul 24th @ 4:00pm

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Don Price Performing Arts Chapel, Monte Vista Christian School:

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Albert Peterson

(Tenor) He’s the nervous and high-strung president of Almalou Records. (who pays more attention to his mother than to his girlfriend (who is his secretary).The actor who seeks to fill this role must be a strong vocalist, but he also serves to carry the show’s main action. As such, he must have great comedic timing and show the core of a man who is torn between love and his career. It’s a great role. Show us something, gents!

Rosie Alvarez

(Alto) Rose is Alberts secretary, but dreams of the day when she can adjust his title from “employer” to “hubby.” That was always their plan, but time seems to have slipped away. Despite Alberts often selfish and callous treatment of Rose, she continues to support him. Well, for a while anyway. Every woman has her breaking point. The role of Rose requires a woman who can display a truly strong spirit and a spicy, fiery inner being. She is not afraid to speak her mind. She is smart, organized, and powerful. But like all of us, the one thing she can't seem to control is love.

Conrad Birdie

(Baritone) Not gonna lie, he’s kind of a undesirable sorta’ fellow. He’s rude. He’s arrogant. He doesn’t show much regard for others. But the teens of the world don't seem to think so! Reporters follow him, crowds swarm, and girls scream wherever he goes! He does command a heavy swath of vocals. In the audition, you must sell the vocals, gentlemen. We also need to see, very clearly, the physicality of Birdie. The show was loosely based on Elvis’ entrance into the army, so the physicality is very important. (Tip: think Harry Styles!)

Mrs. Mae Peterson

(variable range) Wonderful character role, ladies. Mae Peterson is sold via her acting in auditions. Mae could be described as an overbearing mother but I’d describe her more as just overly dramatic, pitiful and a bit hilariously pathetic. Every scene in which she appears presents Mae unabashedly working to guilt trip her poor son. Again, this is a character role, ladies. Go a little crazy with it. Take some risks. MAKE BOLD CHOICES. She’s a wonderful character who commands volumes of laughter in the audience. Enjoy it!

Kim MacAfee

(Soprano) Fifteen-year-old, self-possessed teen-aged girl, who considers herself more mature than her “Conrad-Crazy” girlfriends… but, she’s the president of Sweet Apple’s Conrad Birdie Fan Club. Through random chance, she is selected to deliver Conrad Birdie his final kiss goodbye before leaving to join the army. Unfortunately, her new boyfriend Hugo has a few reservations. Kim is a typical all-American teenage girl of the 1950’s. She’s convinced that she’s already reached adulthood, and enjoys all the marvelous perks that come along with being a woman. Of course, the jolt of news about Birdie’s imminent arrival and her role in seeing him off is enough to send her reeling back down the ladder into pure childhood bliss. If you seek to fill this role, you need to be solid on the vocals. You also need to communicate the black and white line that defines Kim at the crossroads of feeling stuck in her childhood, and wanting to grow up and be an “adult”!

Mr. Harry MacAfee

(Tenor) Okay, guys, he’s not the star vocalist of the show, but he does need to be able to sing a little. He’s also a great source of comedy in the production. He is Kim's father. With him, everythings a big deal. He's embarrassing (you know how dads are), he's high strung, and loves his old fashion rules! He has some really great scenes in which he has the potential to leave the house rolling. Show me your understanding of the potential behind this guy. Give him some gusto in the acting reads!

Mrs. Doris MacAfee

(Alto) The tireless, caring mother of Kim and Randolph who knows just how to handle her irritable husband. She has a wonderful scene early on in the show in which she is mortified with her daughter’s abrupt assertion of adult status. She has some wonderful comedic moments as she tries to deal with the absolute chaos that ensues while trying to keep everyone in the house happy. (Think stressed greenroom mom vibes.)

Randolph MacAfee

(Tenor) Kim’s younger brother, Randolph is almost like the MacAfee family’s equivalent to the Griffin family’s Meg. He’s overlooked a bit, and when he is acknowledged, he really isn’t given much respect at all. But he's spunky and energetic and the perfect annoying little brother to Kim!

Hugo Peabody

Hugo is Kim’s understandably frustrated boyfriend. Well, come on, how would you feel? You’ve just pinned the girl you’re completely in love with, and the next thing you know she’s all onboard to deliver the official send-off kiss to the teen rock idol of the decade. He's awkward and dorky, but charming and sweet, enough to somehow swoon Kim into being his girlfriend (which her friends just can't believe)! (Think awkward 8th grade winter formal date vibes)

Urusla Merkle

(Mezzo) The hyper-enthusiastic teen-aged girlfriend of Kim’s who leads the fans screaming for Conrad Birdie. If Kim registers an excitement level of six on a scale of ten, Ursula hits twelve. Yeah, she’s a pretty excitable kid. She’s Kim’s number-one confidant. Always looking out for her best friend’s interests, Ursula offers wise counsel to Kim in times of need. Well, as wise of council as a kid like Ursula can provide. Anyway, she’s quirky, high-energy, and busting with vitality. Show us the inner-tempo that pushes Ursula through life, ladies.

Charles F. Maude

He’s the hearty owner of Maude’s Roadside Retreat. Decent guy.

Gloria Rasputin

(Soprano) She’s Mrs. Peterson’s choice to replace Rosie. Not exactly what one might expect as the embodiment of the ideal administrative assistant, Gloria is a forceful, broad woman with true gusto. Her dream is to be #FAMOUS and she’ll do whatever it takes to get there. This role will be given to someone who can eloquently command a character performance.

Harvey Johnson

(Teenage Chorus, Tenor) Incredibly awkward. Harveys signature shtick during the show is that his voice is always cracking. He asks just about every girl in sweet apple to the prom… but somehow they are all busy that day…


(Teenage Chorus, Mezzo) She’s the mayor’s daughter. You know what that means! Eh, actually, maybe you don’t. I don’t. I don’t even know why I typed it.


(Teenage Chorus, Mezzo): A teenage girl from Sweet Apple and a friend to Kim.


(Teenage Chorus, variable range) She’s yet another teenage girl from Sweet Apple.


(Teenage Chorus, variable ranges) Uh, huh. She’s another teenage girl from you know where.

Penelope Ann

(Teenage Chorus, variable ranges) guess what… She is a teenage girl.

Deborah Sue

(Teenage Chorus, variable range) Yep, another teenage girl from Sweet Apple, Ohio.


(Teenage Chorus, variable range) One of Hugo's buddies!

Penn Station Posse

Conrad's true NY fans. They send Conrad off in full fangirl style at Penn Station alongside jabbering reporters. They're enthusiastic, zealous, and crazy in love with Mr. Birdie. If they were allowed to, they'd have tattoos of his signature.

Sad Girls

She’s sad. (DANCER)

Spanish Dancers


Mayor's Wife

Featured Reporters


Guitar Minions

TV Crew

Sweet Apple Teens

Sweet Apple Kids